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Redel Insurance Agency
Redel Insurance has been our small business's insurance agent for the past 7 years. We went into business 12 years ago and after 3 years of searching and bouncing around between numerous insurance companies and brokers which had no interest in our business' needs and constraints (essentially a "$" sign to the previous brokers and insurance companies) we were introduced to Redel Insurance (Jennifer Kolhberg). After 1 year of Jenny handling our business insurance (Workers' Comp, Commercial Auto, Professional and Pollution) Jenny and her colleagues at Redel provided such great service and expertise (and lower rates tailored to our needs / requirements) we switched our personal insurance over to Redel and have been in great hands since! Recently, after over 7 years with Redel, our business had an issue with a Workers' comp audit and Jenny went to bat for us going way above and beyond my expectations resulting in a huge reduction in premium increase from the initial audit's findings... furthermore, we're in the WC high-risk pool due to the work we perform and there really wasn't anything in it for her, but she put in hours of work to help us out! I'd give Redel 10 out of 5 stars as their expertise and service is far beyond any professional service I've experienced in any arena. This is inline with the customer service my company strives to provide and have been thoroughly impressed time and time again with Redel!

Redel Insurance Agency
I have been with Redel Insurance for both our business & personal insurance for years now. They are always responsive and mindful of our needs and budget.. Great people and great service!

Redel Insurance Agency
Lindsey is without a doubt, the best insurance agent/broker I’ve ever had. She’s proactive and is always looking for ways to save us money and make sure we have the best coverage possible. She’s quick to respond to phone calls and emails and is pleasant and professional to talk to. Everyone I’ve ever talked to in the office has been equally friendly. I can’t recommend this agency enough!

Redel Insurance Agency
So far so good! I like the savings you may get for us! You're winning over our hearts.

We've had our family's home, auto & business insurance through Redel for over 40 years. You couldn't find a nicer group of people for your insurance needs. Excellent service when needed. Prompt, professional and highly competent. They're always there when you need them, for a claim or a question. I've recommended them over the years to many friends and clients, and they've all had the same experience. Highly recommend without any reservations. Thank you Steve, Roger, Lora et al.
Bob M.
Redel Insurance Agency
I could not be happier with my insurance agent Lora Ruck! I have been with her for almost 3 years now. Ever year she always finds me the most coverage at the lowest cost for my home and autos. She is always there if you need anything. No questions are to small or to big. When my wife and I had a clam on are auto Lora made it very quick and easy to get throw everything. Know we have had hail on the house and she has been there to help me with the claim and following up with me to make sure that everything is going the way that it should and just in case we need anything else. You have to give Lora Ruck a chance to earn your business because she will and it will be a decision that you will be very happy with!

Lora Ruck is my local agent and she was amazing throughout the entire process. She was available any time I needed, she was supportive and a tremendous help. She was the person that guided me and got me in touch with anyone who I needed to speak with. She frequently contacted me to update me and inquired if I needed help. She also followed up all the time to make sure everything was going smoothly. Lora truly treated me as she would a family member or good friend. I would highly recommend her to all my friends (and I will).
Marcia F.
Every member of the Redel Insurance Agency has been very helpful and has gone well beyond the call of duty to assist in any matter. Thank you.
Hazel S.
Thanks for your thorough e-mails and your calls. I’ve been horrible about returning your calls and yet you still got to me with the information I needed to make a decision. All I can say is “excellent job” and “excellent service.” Thanks for your help on this. You guys make things easy for me, which I appreciate.
Pete D.
Redel Insurance Agency
I have had experience with the agency for a number of years and they have the best customer service of any insurance organization in my experience. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They will work with you and be helpful any way they can. The products they sell are very competitive! It's a pleasure doing business with them!

Thank you for taking care of the contractor colleague I referred to your office. He is very happy. I will keep spreading the word of your service.
Rick B.
Dear Roger, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service I have received from you and your agency for the insurance claims I made last year. First a new windshield for my car, then storm damage on my roof and then I wrecked my car. All taken care of by a simple call to you. The settlement were made quickly and what could have been a stressful year turned out not bad at all.
Rose K.
Redel Insurance Agency
As usual Lora Ruck provided excellent customer service taking care of my insurance needs.

I have my auto and renters insurance through Redel and I cannot say enough positive things about your business. Any time I’ve had a question, it has always been answered on the same day or very soon, thereafter. Everyone has been extremely pleasant and efficient. I don’t know of any other type of business that I have had that has been such a pleasure as dealing with Redel. You guys and gals could start your own ‘business etiquette’ business and change a lot of companies.
Stephanie F.
Redel Insurance Agency
We have been with Lora Ruck at Redel Insurance for 7 years. She is the most positive, professional, and experienced insurance provider I have had in my life. She constantly shops the market for the best rates for us and this year when there was a premium increase she was able to reduce our rates beyond what they were for the previous year. In the past I had only had insurance directly through a company but working with a broker is a much better experience. Every year the broker works for you to find the best rates in the market possible. I feel we have saved thousands in the past 7 years because of this. Also, if we ever have a claim it is handled so well with Redel Insurance. A few years ago we had hail damage and our entire roof was replaced without a problem. Give them a call, you won't regret it!

Just can't say enough good things about Redel Insurance. My agent Lora Ruck just helped me with an issue in Florida that she did not have to do as she was not making a dime on it but she cleared the problem up by working with a local agent. That's great service. Thanks Lora!!
Paige P.
You made it go so well, Roger. I wish to thank you for guiding me through the prcedure of my encounter with the deer and damage to my car. I anticipated confusion but you explained my insurance coverage, then gave me the insurance company's number, which option to punch and how it would be handled. By the afternoon I already had an appointment for the car to be repaired. The whole procedure went really smoothly. You made it go so well. Thank you Roger. 
George G.
Redel Insurance Agency
My wife and I are new to Medicare and despite the deluge of information in our mailbox and online we've found the types and number of plans a little overwhelming. Working with Jenny Kohlberg has been a wonderful experience. She helped us navigate the transition to Medicare successfully. Jenny is patient, finding the right plans for us and explaining how our plans work. Working with an independent insurance agent like Jenny has proved to be beneficial in regards to all our insurance needs.

Lora, Just wanted to thank you for all your help due to my accident on October 25th. With your insurance insight, I feel you advice on my insurance needs were right on! I could not ask for a better agent! Last night I was able to pick up the Camry!! She looks great and it was really nice to get 'her' back!!
Your company has always responded to my needs quickly and accurately. Thanks!!
Redel Insurance Agency
We recently switched all of our insurance coverage over to Redel and have been very happy. Aimee was very helpful in going through our various options and making sure we got the best coverage and best price!

Great experience yesterday. I had a rock chip in my new car windshield and within 1 hr the problem solved thanks to Lora  Ruck and Spencer Glass. It was a bad situation made good. Keep up the good service. This has not been my only good experience. I feel Lora has a great way of communicating what insurance her client needs and explains why you need the coverage. Many years of feeling confident that I have the right insurance. Thank you.
Judith B.
Lora Ruck feels more like a friend than an insurance agent. Unfortunately we have had to make a few claims over the years on our home and auto and she has always been there. Days, nights, weekends it doesn't matter she has always been there when we needed her. She does an amazing job of explaining things thoroughly and in terms we can understand. She really goes above and beyond what is expected of her. When we have been going through some pretty awful times she has not only made sure that things got done but also been extremely kind and compassionate. We feel lucky she is our agent. We have and will continue to recommend her to anyone!
Kelly B.
Thank you all, you guys have been wonderful over the years. Looking forward to many more years of coverage!
Ann C.
Redel Insurance Agency
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