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Was there a single feature that sold you on your home? Maybe you couldn't resist the stunning city views or an open-plan kitchen with all the upgrades. Perhaps you liked the quiet cul-de-sac location. Or there was plenty of room for your classic cars in the three-car garage with a full workshop. Having the right home insurance can protect your home and everything you love about it. 


Home Insurance for Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas

Whatever you love about the place you call home, it's not the only reason to choose insurance with care. Proper coverage is important when keeping your investment protected and proving your family with the guarantee that they'll always be safe and sound. Our customizable policies include coverages from personal liability to replacement coverage, scheduled personal property to earthquake coverage. We offer a wide range of coverage when it comes to homeowners policies, click here to learn more. 


Additional Home Insurance Options

No matter where you call home Redel Insurance is here to make sure you're covered. Our goal is to work with you to create a policy that meets your individual needs. Other home insurance options we offer include:


Renters Insurance - Protection for your rented apartment, condo or home as well as your space and personal property. 

Condo Insurance - Provides protection for your things and the parts of your condo that are your responsibility.

Mobile Home Insurance -Similar to a homeowners policy, but the coverages provided are specialized for a factory-built home.

Landlords Insurance - Provides coverage for the physical and personal property to the home, condo or apartment you're renting out as well as liability protection.

In-Home Business Insurance - Policies that include additional insurance for your in-home business needs.


Looking for additional coverage? Contact a Redel Insurance agent about our options for Personal Umbrella Insurance


Don't forget the discounts! Our agents are ready to discuss claims-free, roof age, home construction and multi-policy discounts that are available with our home policies. Redel Insurance Agency services the Ellisville, Ballwin, Chesterfield and surrounding areas in Missouri and Illinois, as well as the Marion and Baxter Counties in Arkansas. Call us today at 636-394-7676 or fill out an online quote below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my homeowners insurance cover? 
It varies depending on your carrier, but generally the exclusions include earthquakes, flood, power failure, war, nuclear explosion, neglect or intentional damage. Some carriers offer endorsements you can add to the policy to cover specific excluded perils.
How much homeowners insurance do I need?
It really depends on how much home you're buying, where you're buying it and how much stuff you have. The policy includes a total coverage limit for the dwelling, structures on the property and personal belongings.
Why is the replacement cost higher than the market value of my home?
The replacement cost is the price it will take to rebuild your house in the same spot, size and quality of construction. This also includes the cost of labor and materials and if your home is made of non-standard materials or customized in any way, this could increase the cost. Market value is based on the price at which a house will sell within a reasonable period of time and is influenced by comparable sales, supply and demand, the area in which you live and so on.
What is liability coverage? 
The liability portion of the homeowners policy covers you if someone is accidentally injured on or around your property. For example, if someone falls down your stairs or slips on an icy sidewalk, so long as there aren't any exclusions, liability insurance will pay for that person's medical expenses and any court costs you incur if they sue.

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Homeowners Insurance Customer Service Options

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